The New York Post always has its finger on the pulse, so when it names one of our musicians as someone to watch in 2011 you know they’re something pretty special. Quirky cabaret pop songstress Emma Dean is the only Aussie on the list of “Top 10 Artists to Know in 2011.”

That’s not bad for a girl from Queensland who only launched her second album, Dr Dream & the Imaginary Pop Cabaret, a couple of weeks ago!

“Singer, songwriter and self proclaimed ringmaster Emma Dean is a hobobag full of crazy pills. Like the really awesome hallucinogenic kind,” the New York Post gushed, before saying we should “Just sample her monster Broadway single ‘Sincerely Fearful,’ which is 50% Wicked and 50% Tori Amos and 100% addictive, and you will find an unavoidable sound worthy of the repeat button.”

So if you didn’t sample Emma’s song the last time I posted it, what are you waiting for? It’s only a matter of time before this unique Aussie talent makes it big.

Image used with permission from Stephen Green Consulting