We’re at the pointy end of  The X Factor competition, with just three acts remaining. Andrew Wishart, Reece Mastin, and Johnny Ruffo had another chance to win us over tonight with some solo numbers and a duet with one of the visiting stars.

Andrew kicked things off with his audition song, Adele’s “Someone Like You.” It was fitting to see him perform it live again after all this time. It didn’t so much showcase growth but just how solid he’s always been. He is what he is, and I love that.

In contrast Johnny showed us just how far he’s come with Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember.” He was singing well and dancing well; I couldn’t fault him technically. However I also feel like I’ve seen it all before. He’s improved immensely, but I still don’t see X factor. And let’s remember that, rather than growth, is really what it’s all about.

Reece also showed us he’s developed that extra special something since first treating us to Rooster’s “Come Get Some.” There seems to be a bit more swagger to him, some extra confidence and self belief. He was good in the auditions, but tonight he was great.

Pairing The Fray with Andrew seemed like a natural fit, but I don’t think their version of “You Found Me” did him any favours. It felt too low throughout, and consequently he never got to show us his sweet spot. The arrangement was a real injustice here. Hopefully his fans don’t care; I’d hate to see him go on the back of this.

I’m not even going to bother re-reviewing Johnny’s performance of “Sir Duke.” It was good the first time and it was good again. Certainly this was his best, but did we really need to see it again with all the same staging and choreography?

Ditto Reece’s performance of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and Andrew’s retake on “Dakota.”

Johnny Ruffo was outclassed in performing a medley of some Salt N Pepa hits. He held his own with the dancing but his rapping skills were very under par. This was fun though just for the trip down memory lane. Those ladies have lost nothing over the years.

Then Reece treated us to his potential single “Good Night.” Perhaps treated is a bit generous, because I found it to be pretty middle of the road pop. The verses felt like virtual carbon copies of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” All in it didn’t feel like Reece, which is really disappointing when the singles are supposed to be tailored to the artists.

I don’t remember the name of Andrew’s potential single if it was mentioned, but I wasn’t thrilled by it. He sang it beautifully but the song itself seemed a bit mediocre and aimless. I didn’t actively dislike it, but I’d probably switch over the radio after hearing it a few times. Seriously, where are they getting these songs?

I don’t know what Johnny’s single is called either, but the Eurovision nut in me lapped it up. It’s super cheesy, but also lots of fun. For the first time this year I seriously considered the merits of Johnny winning this thing. I expect to see Belarus covering this in Azerbaijan next year.

The duets hadn’t impressed me until Reece and Kylie Minogue took to the stage for “Kids.” His vocals were a bit rough in places but they really seemed to gel and that mattered more than the notes. What a way to end the show.

Really what happened tonight didn’t change my views one way or another. I’m firmly on Team Andrew. Who’s your pick?