All too often I get excited about an album on the strength of its single, before discovering the long player doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s much rarer to find a disc that makes me appreciate the artist even more than I did before, but I found it with The Trouble with Templeton’s Bleeders.

I became enamored with the title track last month, commenting on its slow burning beauty. However just quietly I wondered whether that slow burning charm might wear a little thin and turn sleepy on an extended release. Happily Bleeders is about more than this mellow number. While it sits well on the album, it’s just one side of a very diverse artist.

I became excited at the opening track “When Will,” a song that started quietly but snuck up on me, enveloping me in such gorgeous sounds. The Trouble with Templeton has a real knack for creating soundscapes which make lush backdrops for his emotive lyrics. As a writer I was particularly drawn to “I Wrote a Novel”; it’s easy acoustic folk strumming and harmonica strains blend beautifully with the very personal yet relatable lyrics. After hearing such velvety vocals the gritty ones of “Someday Soon” took me by surprise, but they were so fitting for a track which channels the slave roots of rhythm and blues. I also loved the way the playful background vocals of “30 Something” propelled the tale of dissatisfaction.

I enjoyed listening to Bleeders so much that I was shocked when after just nine tracks, it was over. It really felt a little short, but that might not be such a bad thing. I was left wanting more, and surely that’s better than a disc that drags.

Bleeders is an impressive debut for this Brisbane singer-songwriter. I only hope he doesn’t leave us waiting too long for the next one.

Image source: The Trouble with Templeton Bandcamp page