In the early naughties Adele Pickvance and Glenn Thompson were rocking Australia as part of the reunited Go-Betweens. These days they’re back together as a duo dubbed, what else, Adele&Glenn. With a new single gracing the airwaves, an album release looming, and a national tour booked in, it seemed like the right time to catch up with one half of the twosome, Adele Pickvance.

You worked together before in The Go-Betweens. What inspired you to create this new double act?
We wanted to do this years ago. Our first attempt was around  2005, but geography got in the way. We’ve been a rhythm section, or ‘engine room’ as one might say, together for around 17 years and this just felt like the right time to do it, to step out to the front together.

What does your previous experience in the industry bring to this new band?
I think the industry is still trying to work itself. I have learnt it all comes down to ‘the song’ at the end of the day. Good songs remain in the hearts and minds of folk.

You’ve just released a new single “I Dreamt I Was a Sparrow.” What was it about that song that inspired you to unleash it on the masses?
It wasn’t until we had finished recording the album that ‘I Dreamt I Was A Sparrow’ just leapt out as a great first single. It’s a pop song and a nice intro into the album.

It sounds really different from the music you made with The Go-Betweens. How would you describe your current sound?
This is just how we sound. We basically went about the recording process as we used to with Robert and Grant. We were lucky that we had a lot more time in the studio and we were able to experiment.

The single comes from your forthcoming album Carrington Street. What can you tell me about it?
I moved from Brisbane to Sydney (Glenn’s home town) a couple of years ago and as I had mentioned before, we had attempted to record previous to that, but now the geography was right, and now was the right time. We spent a lot time arranging the songs, then commenced recording in Glenn’s studio, Horses Of Australia in Marrickville. We were in a lovely situation of having no deadline, and as we both love the recording and mixing process, we could have kept going and going … but we decided to pull the baby out of the bath water late last year. The name Carrington Street is inspired  by the location of the studio.

You’ve announced some shows to launch the album. Are you looking forward to playing these songs for the people?
We are indeed. It will be the two of us on stage. No loop pedals, machines … just us two and the songs, and alittle bit of charm.

Those local shows are only along the East Coast. Will the rest of Australia get the chance to see you live soon?
We hope so. We don’t have anything in the pipeline as yet, but we hope so soon.

I believe you’ve also got some shows coming up in Germany. What inspired you to take the album that far afield?
The label is ‘Glitterhouse Records’  They asked us, and that was a wonderful surprise as this means we are able to tour Carrington Street in Europe this year. Germany and Australia have a kinship when it comes to music which is a wonderful thing.

Have you got anything else in the pipeline you can share?
New videos, still trying to embrace Facebook and Twitter. Any tips gratefully received with thanks.

Catch the technologically-challenged twosome as they travel about the country launching Carrington Street at the following shows next month.

23 May 2012 – The Standard Hotel, Fitzroy
24 May 2012 – The Vanguard, Newtown
31 May 2012 – Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley

Image used with permission from Footstomp Music