The year’s not yet half over, but Adelaide singer-songwriter Sam Brittain may have recorded my favourite album of 2016 in Signal Lights.

This album drew me in from the first track “Underground” and didn’t let go. Ordinarily acoustic folk of this ilk works well as background music, but this is too good to simply fade away. The lead single “Stab in the Dark,” comes next. This song continues to leave me breathless. I heard it first on the tram session below, and it was the song that convinced me I needed to hear more from this talented artist. The following track “The Lucky One” provides the counterbalance to this emotional ballad, with its lyrics about celebrating the joy in life. Frankly I could go through this album track by track and tell you how good each one is, but I won’t. The gushing would be too effusive, and I’d much rather you go and discover why each song is so special in your own time.

Sam has such a knack for writing deeply personal songs that speak of his experiences, yet resonate so deeply with an audience. This album is so soulful and so compelling. It’s full of such wisdom and such wonderful stories. Each and every song is a standout that deserves to be savoured.

Signal Lights is released on June 3. He’ll play the following over 18s shows to support its release.

4 June 2016 – The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide
8 June 2016 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
15 June 2016 – The Ellington, Perth
23 June 2016 – The Toff in Town, Melbourne
26 June 2016 – The Milk Factory, Brisbane

Image used with permission from On the Map PR