Aussie expat Harry Heart has left me swooning with the release of his brand new single “Epiphany.” It’s a gorgeous heartfelt number that speaks so beautifully of the isolation that can come with chasing your dreams and how the right person can drag you out of that melancholy.

“I started writing the song as a lonely little bloke,” Harry says of the song, “which I had brought upon myself in search of a fruitful career as an artist. I had written half of a sombre song and then I met a girl who well and truly pulled me out of a rut.

“I think you can hear where I met her in the lyrics, around the time things sound optimistic. She is literally the other half of the song, feel free to interpret that as cheesily and metaphorically as you please.”

Harry officially releases “Epiphany” tomorrow. He’ll tour it around New South Wales with his five-piece band, the Harry Heart Chrysalis, next month.

4 November 2016 – Howlin Wolf, Wollongong
11 November 2016 – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
13 November 2016 – El Sol, Cronulla
18 November 2016 – Lazy Bones Lounge, Sydney

Image used with permission from Bear Family