I discovered Emilee South last year when she released her Halloween single “Howl.” I loved her sultry vocals and the song’s dirty, bluesy feel. There are more stunning vocals and vintage sounds with the release of Emilee’s new album, Motel.

Motel opens with a bold, rockabilly number “My Baby (Don’t Return My Calls).” This track is rollicking good fun and a wonderful way to set the stage for this retro-inspired album. The latest single “Old Flame” feels like pure vintage country. I could imagine it easily slipping into the set of Patsy Cline or Rosemary Clooney. “Howl” makes even more sense when it’s here beside its companion songs.

Emilee South is an old soul with a handle on classic rock, country, and soul sounds, but there’s also something fresh about what she does. The lyrics have a little bit more bite than the vintage-inspired music she was clearly influenced by. She’s no shy violet or damsel in distress, as she reminds us in songs like “Watch Out” and “Bad Things I Do.”

Motel drops on May 11. Emilee will launch the album with a show at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood on May 13.

Image used with permission from Emilee South