It’s quitting time on a Friday. Time to pour yourself a drink and chill out with some sweet tunes. Daniel Lee Kendall’s gorgeous new single “Don’t Worry Darlin’” is the perfect soundtrack as you get yourself into that weekend mindset. I can just imagine Daniel wearing a Hawaiian shirt strumming a ukulele as I listen to this and sip a cocktail. Or maybe that’s just me?

“This is a very old song,” Daniel explained. “I wrote this before Lost In The Moment had been released, and always liked it, but felt guilty at the thought of releasing it, because I wrote it about my then girlfriend. Key word: then. It’s really a song about me trying to convince myself about a relationship that wasn’t working.”

If you’re doing Mountain Sounds tomorrow, remember to check out Daniel’s set which is sure to be a festival highlight.

Daniel Lee Kendall has won me over again with his new single “Emptiness,” the second lifted from his debut album Daniel Lee Kendall is Dead. For such dark subject matter it sounds remarkably cheerful. It’s just the thing for a chilled out Sunday if you ask me.

Daniel is currently travelling around the country on his The Funeral Tour, so if you love what you hear you can see him do it in the flesh at the following shows.

29 November 2014 – Loo Loo’s Warehouse, Kincumber
5 December 2014 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
21 February 2015 – Mountain Sounds, Kariong

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Don’t be alarmed by the title of Daniel Lee Kendall’s debut album Daniel Lee Kendall is Dead. The Central Coast singer-songwriter is very much alive and making me fall in love with his music all over again.

“Under a Spell” is the first single lifted from the album, a romantic number which is a bit more layered and atmospheric than his previous releases. Perhaps it’s a result of Daniel changing up his approach to songwriting. He normally writes with his message in mind, but this time it was all about creating lyrics to suit a melody he couldn’t shake. The single shows real growth, although it’s not so dramatically different that it risks alienating fans.

Daniel Lee Kendall is Dead hits stores on September 12.

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It’s been nearly three years since I reviewed Daniel Lee Kendall’s sublime sophomore EP Talk the Night Away. I raved about the five track collection, but insisted that such a small number of songs was merely a tease. I said that I couldn’t wait for the long player, but it seems I can.

Finally my patience has been rewarded with “Angelique,” the first new song Daniel’s released in years. It’s not that he hasn’t been creative, but it seems he’d been spending too much time in his head, worrying about whether the music would be embraced and whether commercial success would follow. And so his songs sat, gathering virtual dust.

It was clear something had to change, so Daniel set off for some soul searching in the Middle East and Sri Lanka. Then he headed to university, hoping to find the answers there. Finally he was in the right headspace to revisit some 50 demos that had sat idly. “Angelique” was one of those tracks which has been given a second chance as Daniel rediscovered his love of music.

“Here I am, with an album of songs that I once loved, and have learnt to re-love again. Though with a different love. It’s far more like I’m appreciating an old album of an artist in my youth,” he explained in a press release. “It’s almost as though someone else has written these songs, and I can appreciate and enjoy what this person has created and I wish to share them with people again.”

And once again, I can’t wait to hear more, or at least I’m excited that I won’t need to wait too long.

Daniel Lee Kendall impressed me with his debut EP Lost in the Moment, so I had high hopes for his follow-up, Talk The Night Away. Happily, the Central Coast singer-songwriter didn’t disappoint.

Again Daniel charms us with his folky organic music, but it’s better the second time around. He’s grown as an artist. Where some of the pleasantly soothing tunes got a little sleepy in his first EP, here we see more focus on hooks and melody.

I adore the acoustic rhythms of “My Love to Be.” The driving beat is perfect for road trips. It could be Mondayitis talking, but it makes jumping in my car, taking off down the freeway, and seeing where I end up sound pretty tempting. “Gone” is one of the most heartbreakingly honest songs about love gone wrong that I’ve heard. When a musician can create something so powerful with only his acoustic guitar and his words, it’s something special. “Never Changing” is a perfect closer, a playful, laidback musing on life that is reminiscent of Ben Harper or early Jack Johnson.

With Talk The Night Away, Daniel Lee Kendall has made good on the promise he showed with that first EP. Bring on the long-player; five tracks just isn’t enough to satisfy!

Georgia Fair and Daniel Lee Kendall clearly loved touring around the country together in March, because this June and July they’re doing it all again.

If you missed the chance to see these exciting pop-folk acts last time, don’t make the same mistake this time around. They’re playing their own brand of acoustic music in some of the East Coast’s most intimate venues, so the shows are sure to be special.

Tickets are on sale now for the following shows.

15 June 2011 – Otis Bar, Wollongong
16 June 2011 – Notes, Sydney
17 June 2011 – Brass Monkey, Cronulla
18 June 2011 – The Loft, Newcastle (All Ages)
30 June 2011 – Ric’s Bar, Brisbane (Free Entry)
2 July 2011 – The Loft, Gold Coast
3 July 2011 – Railway Friendly Bar, Byron Bay (Free Entry)
6 July 2011 – Front Gallery & Cafe, Canberra
13 July 2011 – The Toff in Town, Melbourne

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Fans of gentle folky music and incredible lyrics are in for a treat as two of my favorite new acts, Georgia Fair and Daniel Lee Kendall, team up for one big tour.

Both acts will play in intimate acoustic mode, so these nights are sure to be something really special. Daniel Lee Kendall’s just coming off his tour with Old Man River and Passenger, while Ben and Jordan from Georgia Fair have been busy laying down some new tunes. I recently heard their upcoming single “Marianne,” which features guest vocals from Lisa Mitchell and Boy & Bear. As you can imagine when you get that much talent in one room, it’s absolutely sublime. Watch this space because I’ll definitely post the video once it’s done!

The Georgia Fair and Daniel Lee Kendall double-header tour kicks off tonight at The Empress in Melbourne. Check it out; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

24 March 2011 – The Empress, Melbourne
25 March 2011 – Longboard Surf Café, Dromana
26 March 2011 – Baby Black Café, Bacchus Marsh
30 March 2011 – The Vanguard, Sydney
31 March 2011 – CBD Hotel, Newcastle
1 April 2011 – Brass Monkey, Cronulla

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After releasing the gorgeous Lost in the Moment EP last year, Daniel Lee Kendall is preparing to leave the Central Coast and show Australia what he can do. As part of the One for the Road tour, Daniel Lee will visit capital cities and regional towns around the country with Old Man River and Passenger. I chatted with Daniel today about that tour, playing some of Australia’s coolest festivals, and what’s next for this promising singer-songwriter.

You’re about to hit the road with Old Man River and Passenger, which is probably your biggest tour to date. How are you feeling about that?
Yeah, I’m excited. I suppose it’s my first actual tour so it’s going to be good to get a string of shows in a row. I’m looking forward to going to a bunch of states and all of that.

Is there anywhere in particular that you’re really keen to see?
Well, somewhere outside of New South Wales I guess. That’d be pretty good I think.

I daresay many punters will be coming out to see the other acts, but they might not be so familiar with your music. How do you plan on winning them over?
I guess I can only do what I can do, be myself. Just sing my songs and be myself as much as I can, and if they like what they see, that’s great. I don’t actually have a specific strategy.

What can music fans expect if they turn up early enough to hear your set?
A nice, intimate, sort of story of my life in musical form I guess.

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Old Man River is teaming up with Passenger and Sounds of Oz favourite Daniel Lee Kendall for one big summer tour.

This is one of those really exciting bills for folks who love the art of songwriting and story-telling through music. It’s also taking in some gorgeous venues in the capitals and regional centers.

If you’re a bit skint from Christmas keep your ear to the ground, as Old Man River and Passenger will also play some free street gigs along the way.

Tickets for these shows are on sale from the venues.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 29:  Members of the band Old Man River arrive on the red carpet at the third annual MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007 at Acer Arena on April 29, 2007 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

9 February 2011 – Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba
10 February 2011 – Heritage Hotel, Bulli
11 February 2011 – Annandale Hotel, Sydney
12 February 2011 – Northern Star Hotel, Newcastle
18 February 2011 – The Soundlounge, Currumbin
19 February 2011 – Old Museum, Brisbane
24 February 2011 – Republic Bar, Hobart
25 February 2011 -  East Brunswick Club, Melbourne
26 & 27 February 2011 – Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Spiegeltent (Old Man River only)
26 February 2011 – Between the Bays Festival, Mornington Peninsula (Passenger only)
4 March 2011 – Amplifier Bar, Perth
5 March 2011 – Mojo’s, North Fremantle
6 March 2011 – Indi Bar, Scarborough
6 March 2011 – Nannup Festival, Nannup (Passenger only)

It’s always a struggle to ease myself back into the working week, but it’s something made easier with the accompaniment of good music. This morning I found it in Daniel Lee Kendall’s debut EP Lost in the Moment.

This Central Coast based singer-songwriter creates the sort of gentle, easy music that’s so easy to listen to. It’s understated, but so musically rich and lyrically interesting that it’d be a mistake to dismiss it as mere background music. That being said, this is exactly the kind of disc I’d pop on while sharing a meal with friends, or a few glasses of wine at the end of a night. It’s not brash or bold, but it is beautiful.

If you want to hear what Daniel’s all about before Lost in the Moment is unleashed on October 1, head over to his MySpace page to listen to a couple of tracks!

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