Forget what you thought you knew about Jacob Butler. He’s gone in a completely different direction with his new single “Get Right Round.”

I never thought I’d see the day where Jacob was creating dance rock with lyrics which reference twerking, but I suppose it’s a good thing that he refused to be stuck in a rut. I honestly wasn’t sure to make of it at first, but by the end I was tapping my toes.

“Get Right Round” will be featured on an upcoming deluxe rerelease of Jacob’s debut album Reason, as well as a few other new songs. What do you think about this brand new sound?

It’s the day that Jacob Butler fans across the country have been waiting for. His long awaited debut album Reason will hit music stores across Australia today.

The latest single “Kites” is just one of many reasons to pick this album up. It’s a soaring pop-rock number accompanied by a stunning video. The clip, which was shot in Switzerland, features some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve seen!

It’s been an awfully long wait for Aussie fans, but Jacob Butler’s debut album Reason will finally get a local release on August 16. The album from this Australian Idol graduate features the singles “Kites”, “Come My Way”, and “UKOK?”

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Image used with permission from Linda Sarah

So having The Hoff endorse your music probably means as little as having him rubber stamp your acting ability. However I’m still a little impressed by the nice things David Hasselhoff says about our own Jacob Butler in this video promoting his new album Reason.

If you’re not as excited about The Hoff’s presence as I am, this vid’s still worth watching for the sneak peek of Jacob’s latest single “Kites”. The track sounds great, but it can’t hold a candle to the star power of The Hoff. Perhaps these guys should record a duet for the next album!

After making a splash on The X Factor and Australian Idol, Jacob Butler has refused to fade into the background. Fresh from a recent promotional trip the Europe I caught up with Jacob to talk about his time abroad, his time on reality TV, and the hard road of an independent artist.

You recently spent time promoting your music in Europe. How did that go?
Really great thanks. It was great to speak to people about what I’m doing on the other side of the world, and it was also great to see some cities that I haven’t been to before like Berlin, Stockholm and Warsaw.

You’ve always had an affinity for British music. What was it like being over there amongst it?
Well I wasn’t in England for promotion this time, but yes it’s always great to be in Europe talking to people about music. It’s so funny to me how I’m much more interesting to people in Europe than I am here. It must be the accent or something!

How did the European audiences respond to your music?
People in Europe are pretty open to hearing new music, and the response was quite positive. This was very apparent after doing performances and interviews on TV and radio over there; the traffic on my Facebook page or on my Youtube channel would always see more activity straight away.

What did you miss most about home?
I was only away for a month so it wasn’t too bad, but I did miss my fiancée the most. I had friends all over the place to catch up with in many of the cities that I visited, but it can get lonely when you’re by yourself for days at a time. And I did miss Vegemite. I didn’t realize it at the time but I have been a total Vegemite junkie ever since I got back!

Like many Australians, I remember watching you on reality TV programs like Australian Idol and the original incarnation of The X Factor. What did being on those programs teach you?
Those shows certainly taught more me more about myself as a person than as a performer; it made me stronger and more resilient for sure. Reality TV shows are a rollercoaster and they can chew you up and spit you out pretty quickly! You really need to have a strong sense of who you are and what you want to achieve as an artist.  You also need to be aware that you probably won’t win, and you’ll have to keep working if you want a career in music.

So many performers from those programs seem to just disappear, never to be heard from again. How did you make sure you weren’t one those people?
Through relentless hard work and tenacity. I backed myself financially to the point where the bank just wouldn’t give me any money anymore. I have maxed out multiple credit cards, sold almost all my guitars and musical equipment and borrowed money from my family to make all this happen. It’s bordering on insanity, I know, but what’s the other option? It’s slowly starting to pay off but I still have a significant amount of debt over my head. With saying that, everything can change with one hit song. Just ask Psy!

How do you think you’ve grown as an artist since you were on our television screens?
All I can say is that I am constantly working to evolve my skills when it comes to what I do as an artist, songwriter, singer and label owner. You try things, sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you get things right. It’s a constant state of evolution and It’s something that I really enjoy even though it is at times very difficult.

Despite the exposure those shows gave you, the major record labels didn’t exactly come knocking. What’s it like for you working as an independent artist?
Major record labels just don’t sign garage bands for a million dollars anymore, so even with the exposure that I received from reality TV I wasn’t surprised when they didn’t come knocking. That’s why I paid for my own album and all that. That being said, I now have some major label support in some of the territories where my album is being released like Poland, Greece, Belgium and The Netherlands, so it’s at a point now where the artist has to spend the money developing themselves. The advantage of this, however, is that I have 100% creative control over my art, which is something that I have always been very passionate about. Can you imagine this being the case if I had won Idol? I think not!

Since we’re approaching Christmas I have to ask, what’s on your wish list this year?
Health and happiness for all my friends and family, and to continue to talk to good folks like yourself about my music!

Now that you’ve returned home, what’s next on the agenda?
Well I’m actually heading back to Europe in February for more promotion to the same countries and possibly Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. Then back to Australia for a bit and then back to Europe for the festival season. Looking forward to this!

Image source: Jacob Butler Facebook page

Jacob Butler is swanning around Europe at the moment, but fans back home don’t need to miss him too much. Some videos of his recent appearances how found their way to YouTube!

This video shows Jacob bringing some music to the streets of Cologne, Germany with a great performance of “Come My Way.”

And if you just can’t get enough of the single, you can see him performing it again on Polish television!

Jacob Butler is taking advantage of the buzz he’s building abroad with a month long European promotional tour.

During his time in Europe, Jacob will play acoustic showcases in Germany, Sweden, and Poland. These appearances include an album release event at the Australian Embassy in Stockholm and a show in the Swedish capital’s Aussie Boomerang Bar on October 24. Jacob’s album Reason will hit Swedish record stores on November 15.

Jacob has also just signed a licensing deal with Richard Branson’s V2 label, which will see his debut album Reason released in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg early next year.

Image source: Jacob Butler Facebook page

Jacob Butler’s new song “Mind Waltz” has just hit radio. It’s great timing too, as the track’s just taken out the Adult Album Alternative Category of the International Songwriting Competition’s Unsigned Only comp. The title sees Jacob recognized as one of the best independent songwriters on the planet. Way to go Jacob!

With Jacob Butler’s single “UKOK?” getting a rerelease in Germany, the Australian Idol graduate figured it was time to revisit the music video.

Gone is the now outdated footage of the London riots, replaced with more recent vision of Jacob in Britain’s capital. It’s so new that it’s got the Olympic Rings on the Tower Bridge!

Jacob wants as many people to see this video as possible, and he’s offering fans a pretty compelling incentive to share it. Just head to Jacob’s Facebook page and share the post he made about the clip with your friends. For every person who does so, Jacob will donate a dollar to the Salvation Army. He hopes to donate around $1000, so help him get there by spreading the word!

Jacob Butler continues to make inroads abroad. Just months after signing a recording deal in South Africa, the Australian Idol alumn has scored a swag of record deals across Europe.

Hamburg indie label Very Us Records has signed Jacob for a three-album deal which will see his next three albums, including his debut Reason, released in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Reason will hit those markets on August 24, and Jacob will tour around Europe in September to support its release.

“We’re very proud to welcome Jacob Butler,” affirmed Very Us Records’ head of A&R and Marketing, Dennis Grim. “He is an outstanding songwriter and bandleader, and his guitar-driven, seasonable repertoire fits perfectly with our roster.”

Jacob’s also signed a licensing deal with Universal Music Poland, which will see Reason released in Poland and Bulgaria. Jacob’s last single “Come My Way” is also making waves in Europe, where it hit number 47 on the country’s radio charts.

“I’m very excited to be gaining some traction in Europe” Jacob said in a press release. “The combined potential audience of these territories reaches over 150 million people, with Germany alone ranked as the world’s third largest music market.”

Congrats Jacob!